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Getting help – admitting we need it!
November 11, 2009, 2:09 am
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We both work from home, when we’re not touring, but as Harvey has gone from a baby to a little boy, we have had to split our days and each work half as much as we want to in order to be moving forward in all the ways we need to.

So finally today we took Harvey to a home day care, to see if it was somewhere we could take him one or two days a week, so that we could each get a whole days work done. We were both VERY dubious, and each felt on a roller-coaster emotionally the rest of the day at the thought of having Harvey be with someone else all day long – how could we trust anyone with our baby!?

Harvey made it pretty clear what his feelings were – he sobbed when we had to leave, not wanting to part with the toy vacuum. As we got in the car and drove away, it was as if his tears were telling us that he LIKED it there, and wanted to stay, and that we were the ones who must let go and let him start to explore the world without us.

Hopefully we’ll be able to deal with that – and will soon have a few days a week where we can fully consume ourselves with all our creative goals for our business… and we’ll both look forward so much to seeing him again at the end of the day!


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this is great. my husband and I talk about having children and try to imagine what it would be like- especially at this stage of life and career. this is like a glimpse of a maybe future. and it does sound beautiful. thank you for sharing Rachel. -b.

Comment by bari koral

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