Life of a Creative Mum

January 18, 2010, 7:52 pm
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Sometimes we drive along highways, and the sun is shining, the weather is warm and beautiful, and we’re looking forward to lunch in Asheville at a favorite restaurant, when all of a sudden the highway is closed, and we have to turn around, and we take a scenic road, where it SAID that in 11 miles there was no pavement (tarmac for me – pavement really means sidewalk) but we are surprised after 11 miles of the windiest roads we’ve ever driven on next to sheer drops on one side that we come to the end of the “pavement” and see a muddy track ahead, and realize that we need to drive back the entire 11 windy miles and in fact all the way back and back further still and take a totally different route to get into North Carolina from Tennessee. At one point, Lee (our untrustworthy Australian GPS) told us to take a road that clearly was the entrance to some kind of ancient castle/burial ground…

We ignored Lee, and made our way back, eventually getting to Asheville, NC, 2 hours after we had planned. But the sun was still shining, and we all still loved each other.


Hidden Gems on the Road
January 16, 2010, 10:21 am
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It’s hard to find good food when you are driving past a city or town on the highway with no experience of where to go, and no one you know there to ask. I’m improving my skills though out of necessity. If we’re traveling so much, we HAVE to TRY to eat as healthily as we can every day. Otherwise we get miserable!

Driving through Maryland, we found Black Eyed Susan – – and were really pleased with ourselves!

The food was so fresh and delicious, the salad was mixed dark greens, not iceberg lettuce! The puttanesca sauce on my pasta was freshly made, and Harvey ate more lunch than we have ever seen him eat!

I had a hard time not ordering the chocolate mousse cake for dessert – but if we come through again, I will!! Black Eyed Susan is hard to resist.

I’ve made it my job now to hunt out the hidden gems of America.

From New York to Memphis
January 12, 2010, 10:06 pm
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We left today for our upcoming series of Gustafer shows which will take us through Mississippi, Tennessee and North Carolina. It’s hard to run our business from the road – but it’s possible. Harvey did well on the first day in the car, he had a great long three hour nap, then enjoyed avocado rolls and listening to Rubber Soul. I think this tour is going to be fun!

Harder Days
January 9, 2010, 9:12 pm
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We went to the city yesterday, driving to the Bronx where Morgan dropped me off at a 2 train station with Harvey. He and I went down to Manhattan while Morgan continued on to perform at a library.

Harvey and I got off the train at 34th Street to drop off copies of our possible book-to-be, then getting back on the subway to Brooklyn, visiting a friend then staying at another friend’s place so that we could be close to the city for getting up this morning at 6 a.m. to be at Irving Plaza at 7 a.m. in time to load-in and soundcheck and do a show. Needless to say that we didn’t sleep well, or rather not much at all – air beds create a cushion of cold in the wintertime! I have to remember that…

Friends helped us so much at the show, with Harvey especially, and it all went well – but this is HARD! We are TIRED!

Now we are COLD too… but we somehow still love each other, all three of us.

Having a few hours NOT to work… but to DANCE!!!!!!
January 5, 2010, 10:34 pm
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Morgan and I made time today for something that we’ve been wanting to do for years – we took a dancing lesson together.

It was so great, and so full of metaphors for life… while helping us to get out of our lives for an hour and enjoy doing something together that was purely for fun.
We’ve booked another class!

A New Kind of New Years Eve, yet again…
January 3, 2010, 12:07 am
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For the first several decades of my life, at least since I was around 12 years old, New Years Eve was about celebrating, or working with people who were celebrating while secretly feeling like I was having more fun than they were!

Twenty-five years later it changed – the year I was six months pregnant. Morgan and I lay in bed in our Brooklyn apartment of one month, listening to NPR and the celebrations on the streets outside. Last year neither of us can really remember… we had to think hard before we reminded ourselves that we were at home, in the basement living room in which I had given birth to Harvey nine months earlier, watching Anderson Cooper and Cathy Griffin being somewhat strange. Harvey probably woke up a few times during the evening, and I may have missed the ball drop while nursing him back to sleep – again, I don’t really remember!

This year, we got to return somewhat to the world of celebrations – having been invited to perform the Gustafer Show at a local house party, more as a welcoming us to our new community up here in the Hudson Valley. A lot of other people there had young children, so we weren’t the only ones to have had to leave the party shortly after 9pm.

When we were home, we managed to stay awake until midnight and in the hour before the new year rolled in, I was able to create ANOTHER blog – a continuation of a project that I started 10 years ago and am determined to complete/continue –

In the year 2000 I took a photograph every day of the whole year, with disposable cameras, with the hope I might make it into a book. Now I’m planning on melding the bookends of the decade together, by posting the photos from 2000 alongside the photos from 2010 (if I can find the box they are in!)

So, as midnight was seconds away, I ran upstairs to grab my phone and managed to be in front of the television in time to take my first photo of the day – I’d been quietly planning to do this for 9 years now, so I had to get the important first shot that I wanted!

If I have to see the ushering of the new year as an opportunity to re-evaluate my life, then making my expression of my creative thoughts a priority I think covers everything that I hope to achieve this year.