Life of a Creative Mum

January 18, 2010, 7:52 pm
Filed under: Creative Mum

Sometimes we drive along highways, and the sun is shining, the weather is warm and beautiful, and we’re looking forward to lunch in Asheville at a favorite restaurant, when all of a sudden the highway is closed, and we have to turn around, and we take a scenic road, where it SAID that in 11 miles there was no pavement (tarmac for me – pavement really means sidewalk) but we are surprised after 11 miles of the windiest roads we’ve ever driven on next to sheer drops on one side that we come to the end of the “pavement” and see a muddy track ahead, and realize that we need to drive back the entire 11 windy miles and in fact all the way back and back further still and take a totally different route to get into North Carolina from Tennessee. At one point, Lee (our untrustworthy Australian GPS) told us to take a road that clearly was the entrance to some kind of ancient castle/burial ground…

We ignored Lee, and made our way back, eventually getting to Asheville, NC, 2 hours after we had planned. But the sun was still shining, and we all still loved each other.


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