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Bad and Good and Bad and Good Days
March 28, 2010, 4:43 pm
Filed under: Creative Mum

We woke up all through the night, in a hotel room, with Harvey not feeling good and not able to relax enough to fall asleep – so we didn’t sleep either.

We were all tired and hungry, looking for the right place for breakfast, going the wrong way and having to turn around. Then a policeman walked out into the road in front of me and waved me to the side. Damn. My first speeding ticket ever.

The day turned around when we got to Jammin’ Java and had a great show, then were treated to lunch by the lovely Pickleberry Pie (bringing music into hospitals) people – Irene and Walter Light.

We had the whole afternoon free after lunch and decided that we’d take turns going to see the movie “Greenberg”. Morgan went first while I sat in the car with Harvey sleeping. I spent the precious two hours writing my home birth book – something I rarely have time to do, but desperately want to finish.

Morgan came out and told me the movie was great, that I would love it. So I went in and sat down with my popcorn, almost giggling with excitement that I was in a movie theater!

Unfortunately, Greenberg resonated very differently with me. Instead of it making me feel that my life was good compared to his (as Morgan had), I saw in it reminders of many of the experiences of unhappiness that I had had in my life, and how close all the messed up people in the film felt to me. It doesn’t feel that far away yet, and seeing a film touch on it all and force me to go there emotionally was not what I wanted to do in the rare opportunity I had to be taken on a journey. I wanted to have a happier escape. But it wasn’t meant to be.

But as it often does, the day turned around again once I was out of the theater and back with my family again. This was the journey I wanted to be on – reality today was far better to be in than anywhere else.

We went for dinner, chatted with an older couple who had lived all over Asia, and now lived here and had a Granddaughter a little older than Harvey. When we got back to the hotel, Harvey and I had a bath together and went to bed. This time he slept for long chunks of hours, so did we, then we all cuddled awake at 8.30am!! The day ended well.


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