Life of a Creative Mum

October 10, 2010, 2:40 pm
Filed under: Creative Mum

I’m already a mother, but I’m quickly becoming a “double mother”. Being a double person makes it even harder to be “creative” – although I still think creatively, I think!?

I’ve had a crazy summer, with a lot of traveling and a lot of Gustafer working – now I’m exhausted after a quick 2 week jaunt to North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois for a last spurt before we hibernate on the East Coast to prepare for the coming of the second in late December.

After all that, my body is finally communicating VERY clearly – with my eyes threatening to shut at any moment, and my body only comfortable when lying down – I need to give myself peace.

So this weekend I’ve been sitting outside in the warm fall sunshine, listening to crickets and birds, watching butterflies and dragon flies go by, enjoying Harvey at two and a half also enjoying being outside with no agenda other than just to be outside, listening to Morgan sitting next to me writing songs for the next Gustafer DVD (not the one that will be released next February, he’s already started on the one that we’ll release in spring of 2012!) Now Morgan has taken Harvey for a walk to tempt him to sleep for a bit, and I truly am at peace – and finally after 5 months of not having a second of free time, I can sit here and write a little bit, to remind myself, that although I am a mother, and a pending double mother, I’m also still myself.